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We’re just getting started! Not all features are complete but you can try Figular today - sign up to receive updates.

Why Figular?

  • Visualise your ideas instantly through our graphical templates known as 'figures'.
  • Choose from a growing range of designs or make your own.
  • Design a figure once then reuse endlessly with new content.
  • Coming soon! Figures can be adapted, composed together, restyled and reused.
  • Inject your own data and watch as the figure responds in real-time.
  • Available in the browser and at the terminal.
  • Fully Open Source under the AGPLv3 license.

Endless possibilities

  • Create graphs, organisation charts, flowcharts, business stationary, diagrams, infographics, timelines, slide decks, dashboards and everything in between.
  • As simple as an icon or as complex as a neural network diagram.
  • Save time on design - find an existing visualisation and respin it with your own data and branding.
  • Integrates with chat, forums, wiki and document stores.
  • Be part of a community sharing new designs, styles and visualisations - contribute today!



  • Combine and beautify complex data from common analysis tools such as Spreadsheets, R, MatLab etc.
  • Coming soon! Add annotations and narrative to surface your argument more clearly to the audience.
  • Inject content and data through common open formats such as CSV and Markdown.
  • Build your own reusable visualisation templates - spend more time on ideas, less on presentation.


  • Figular adapts to your workflow - automate the creation of high quality graphics with your browser, desktop or server.
  • Figures are generated by a powerful drawing language which allows you fine control over every element.
  • Each visual can be specified entirely in our plain text language making it easy for source control, collaboration and manipulation in other tools.
  • Run at the terminal, on your infrastructure or use our SaaS.


  • Design less and reuse more with your own custom figures.
  • Template common documents and presentations once then apply new content in seconds.
  • Define the behaviour of your visuals under different content conditions - shrink and expand, adapt and respond.
  • Coming soon! Designs can be styled with familiar CSS syntax.


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